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Cover--with award logo April 2013Money Letters 2 my Daughter is a series of letters from me to my 17-year old daughter about all things dealing with money and personal finances. It’s not about teaching you how to make more money, but how to better manage the money you have.

You see, I grew up very, very poor (I think we would have done better if we were on welfare), but I vowed to not live that way when I grew up. I learned everything I could about money and personal finance on my own because it was not taught in school or at home. As my only daughter got older, I wanted to share all that I learned about money management that afforded her a good middle-class life, so I wrote a book called, “Money Letters 2 my Daughter”.

Turns out, a lot of people found this book extremely helpful and it even won a financial literacy award. It’s basically a collection of letters that I wrote to my daughter about money and personal finances. I knew the hard part would be keeping her attention (she was only 15 at the time), so I ended every letter with sassy little signatures, like: ” Mom turning $50 tricks”, “One happy-app Mom”, “Mom covering her assets”, “Mom with a great set of scores”, “A-victim-of-the-federal-deficit Mom” and “Mom with a great foreign police”. Now I go to high schools, colleges, and adult groups to talk about my story and teach the important topic of money, something that many people don’t like to talk about. The preface of the book goes like this:

“My dad raised six hardheaded kids in a small three-bedroom ranch home, in a small rural town, on a factory laborer’s income. But he did it and never complained. He was proud and never asked anybody for anything. Sometimes I hated that because we had little or nothing of our own—no phone, no new clothes, and every Thursday before payday, an empty refrigerator. I truly don’t know how he did it, but looking back, I so admire and respect how he lived and showed me how to live—with values, honesty, and pride, regardless of our place in life. When I was a senior in high school, my dad was diagnosed with cancer, which took its toll in a matter of months. He died at the age of forty-nine. My dad never got to see me graduate from high school, go on to college, start my own family, or write this book.”

My hope is that this book will inspire you to finally trade in your stress and anxiety about money, for knowledge and power. Every letter starts with a lesson and ends with love. In between, is easy-to-understand advice and guidance about how to make the most of your hard-earned money.

Much of the book includes things that people have only learned after they’ve made life-changing mistakes. Only then do they ask the question, Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that? Well, Mom is telling you now, along with hundreds of other people that are simply seeking some foundational knowledge about money.

The content of every letter has been carefully researched and embodies the passion I have for money and personal finance. I am a financial literacy advocate and my desire is to share my message of financial literacy and education with everyone, especially high school students and young adults.

Most people did not grow up with positive financial role models in their lives and were never adequately educated about money—not at home, not in school, and not even in college. So here is your “textbook” on money matters that will raise your financial IQ.

The help that you will get in this book will give you the power to make better financial decisions. Take a peek at the self-taught wisdom of this mother as she speaks to her daughter through her smart, no-nonsense Money Letters.




Money Letters 2 my Daughter

Second Edition

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