Many grocery store pharmacies now offer free prescription Antibiotics, including Amoxicillin (that pink liquid that every parent has had to get for their kids one time or another).  Two of the meijer-pharmacy-logolargest chains that offer this is Meijer (in the lower northeast part of the U.S.), and Publix (in the southern part of the U.S.)  Meijer also offers free prescription Pre-natal vitamins.  Publix also offers free a publixprescription Lisinopril, which is a common high blood pressure medication. In addition to the free prescription drugs listed above, many pharmacies offer a large selection of generic drugs for as little as $3 (list can normally be found on their website) or coupons as much as $20 (can be found on their website or in their weekly ads).  Even if your pharmacy does not have these offers, they often will match competitors, so don’t forget to ask.  If you don’t have a need for prescription medications, consider helping an elderly person that may benefit from saving a little on their meds. Check other stores in your area by going to pharmacy section on their website, searching online, or asking the store’s pharmacist.