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I’m Jackie Cummings Koski, CEPF®, author of the award-winning book, “Money Letters 2 my Daughter”.  This website and the book are dedicated to raising your Financial IQ!

The book is an entertaining series of letters that I wrote to Cover--with award logo April 2013my 17-year-old daughter about all things dealing with money and personal finances.  Every letter ends with a witty signature that embodies the moods of a mom giving sincere, heartfelt advice.  My goal was to teach and guide her on all the important money topics that I know she’ll encounter throughout her life.

Turns out, there’s so many other people seeking this same type of information in a simple, easy to understand format because they may not have gotten it quite like this in school or at home.

Most financial books don’t entertain you, but this one will…and you’ll be learning the entire time!  So as you browse the website and read the book, you will learn and  feel  empowered to make wiser financial decisions and laugh a lot in between.

The book is available in hardback, paperback, and eBook. You can purchase your copy at most bookstores, including Amazon.comor on this website by clicking here.  If you represent a group or organization that would like to incorporate the book into your curriculum, bulk discounts are available for quantities of 10 or more.  Oh, and remember your local public library, the book is available at many locations where you can check it out for free.

Once you read the book, I’d love for you to share your thoughts with me and other readers by writing your own review on Amazon.com.

Thank you again for visiting www.moneyletters2.com, and I hope the website will help raise YOUR Financial IQ!