Directory of Letters

Cover--with award logo April 2013

Every letter in “Money Letters 2 my Daughter” embodies the moods of a mom giving sincere, heartfelt advice for each topic she is discussing. Below is a complete list letters included in the book with the sassy and witty signature that goes along with it!

cc and money

Chapter 1 — Earning Money
Pushing-the-college-degree Mom, 21
Stage Mom, 21
It’s-who-you-know Mom, 22
Mom with a backup plan, 23
Carefully gratuitous Mom, 24
Mom with illusions of grandeur, 24
Mom believing that every dollar has an owner, 26
Mom reluctantly supporting temporary assistance, 26


Chapter 2 — Spending Money
One happy-app Mom, 28
Shopaholic Mom, 28
Anti-warranty Mom, 29
Mom for the reform of the morally compromised, 30
ATM-fee-hating Mom, 31
Desperateless-car-buying Mom, 32
Mom with a car financing epiphany, 32
Mom not afraid to stand her ground, 33
Like-new Mom, 34
Mom doing her homework, 35
Easy-to-recall Mom, 36
Mom that loves a good race, 36
Scouring-for-coupons Mom, 37
Not-your-rent-to-own Mom, 37
Suspicious Mom, 38
Healthy Mom, 39
Mom pushing for affordable drugs, 40
High-deductible Mom, 41
Mom sick of bad behavior by the healthcare industry, 41
Mom covering her assets, 42
Mom pausing before a claim, 43
Wisely-insured Mom, 44
Mom reducing waste, 45
Free-agent Mom, 45
Mom, staunch advocate for doing your own research, 46


credit karma--score

Chapter 3 –Credit
Mom that loves golden rules, 48
Zero-percent Mom, 50
Easy Mom, 51
No-more-million-miles Mom, 52
Mom with a great foreign policy, 52
Mom playing her cards right, 54
Mom with high aspirations, 55
Mom urging you to remember, 57
803-credit-score Mom, 58
Mom supporting good credit karma, 58
Mom not afraid of a good fight, 59
Mom with a great set of scores, 60
Mom that just can’t keep a secret, 61
Mom staying away from things that just don’t add up, 62
Forget-the-small-print Mom, 62
Mom that knows not all cards are created equal, 63
Well-positioned Mom, 64
Mom not scared of a freeze, 65
Mom that loved learning fractions and percentages, 66
Mom despising corporate greed and narcissism, 68
Mom that didn’t skip math class, 69
Mom supporting the pursuit of law and order, 70



Chapter 4 –Debt
Mom, champion for financial peace, 72
Mom with a love-hate student loan relationship (Part 1), 72
Mom with a love-hate student loan relationship (Part 2), 74
Mom showing you two great routes to the same destination, 75
Mom against bankruptcy, 75
Mom that doesn’t like to be played with, 76
Mom against crumb snatchers and scavengers, 77
Mom with a bad attitude toward predators, 78
Mom knowing that a bully, once confronted, always backs down, 79
Mom proudly waving a yellow ribbon, 79
Foolish Mom, 81
Mom applauding credit unions, 81
Loan-broker Mom, 82
Mom loaning some unpopular advice, 84
Mom lending some clarity, 85
Mom still believing in the American dream, 86
Mom simplifying a mortgage, 87
Mom mastering a complex instrument, 88


pic of money close upChapter 5 — Saving Money
Mom happy to save, happier to invest, 90
Mom with a marginal propensity to save, 91
Mom advocating the relief of stress and anxiety, 91
Mom against living paycheck to paycheck, 92
Mom paying herself first, 92
Mom supporting self-reliance, 93
Mom desperately seeking higher rates, 94
Mom convinced $2 bills are better than ones, 95


Chapter 6 — Investing Money
Mom turning $50 tricks, 97
Mom entering the full realm of paranoia, 98
Mom that loves a good match, 99
A-victim-of-the-federal-deficit Mom, 99
Mom performing her fiduciary duty, 101
Mom that knows the best things in life aren’t always free, 102
Mom giving stamp of approval to online brokers, 102
Mom praising the time value of money, 104
Mom that’s a better investor today than she was yesterday, 105


Tax Time

Chapter 7 — Money and Taxes
Mom urging the government
to cast a wider net, 107
Duly-taxed Mom, 108
Mom supporting free filing, 108
Do-it-yourself Mom, 109



Chapter 8 — Things Money Can’t Buy
Sentimental Mom, 111
Inquisitive Mom, 111
Mom urging you to throw something back, 112
Mom happy she learned something
new today, 113
Self-funded Mom, 113
Giving (not loaning) Mom, 114
Mom raising a complainer, 115
Mom wishing you a happy birthday, 115
Mom with a history, 116
Politically incorrect Mom, 116
Cynical Mom, 117
Mom voting for something bigger than herself, 117
Occasionally unappreciated Mom, 119
Mom learning from the experts, 121
Mom with a balanced budget, 122
Mom no longer feeling guilty, 123


Closing Letter
Mom with a succession plan, 124