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Cover--with award logo April 2013“Money Letters 2 my Daughter” is currently rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon and have received praise from parents, educators, professionals, young adults, the media and many others.  Read below to see what people are saying about the book…

“I love this book! This book covers very important financial topics for a young person or for an adult. The book is an easy read because important concepts are broken up by chapters with each chapter consisting of short letters on financial topics. I would love to see this book converted to a class which can be taught to individuals!! I’m a educated person, but there were some great concepts that I was able to learn or refresh myself on. And please don’t let the pink cover or the word “daughter” confuse you…..this book is for boys, girls, women, or men! You won’t be disappointed with this book.”

“This book is an easy read with valuable information. It is packed with love and humor, to be enjoyed by daughters and sons!”

“Take the time to read it all. You will glean some new insight. And give copies  to your children, graduates and newly weds. Help them get started right growing their money. It is definitely a book to share and should be required reading for teens.”

“Debt is a four letter word these days, and this book can help keep young people from setting themselves up for a money struggle throughout their lives.”

“Loved this book. I learned so much about finances and money matters in general. I wish I would have had this kind of information when I was younger. I will definitely pass it on!”

“Most financial books are deep and heavy with jargon to scare the bravest reader. This book is well designed to be easy to read and understand. I love the humor.”

“Jackie Cummings Koski has written a wonderful book that can serve as an intro for anyone wanting to educate themselves about all things financial.  Her book takes the form of letters to her strong- willed daughter who, as most teen-agers do, has gotten to the point where she think she knows more than her mom.  So, Jackie decided to take her own hard won knowledge and put it down in book form so her daughter would have all this wonderful information when she was ready to absorb it.  Chapters in this book cover everything about saving-spending-investing . . . From tips on the best way to buy/negotiate/finance your car to chapters on credit, debit, and even taxes.  It really is an easy to read start to your financial education no matter what age you are but especially for those just starting out because it will have the most impact on their young lives. All of this written in short tightly focused letters – each one with a lesson, a sense of humor and a mother’s love.”

“This book would make an excellent gift for a lot of occasions (official and otherwise) . . . Graduation, Christmas, engagement, marriage, moving out from mom and dads.  The list can keep going.  And while it is written as letters to her daughter it is really for anyone who needs the knowledge she imparts.”

“As a mother, it made me laugh and I could really relate to situations with my sons and other family members. It also made me wish I had this as a young girl. I will surely pass this on and I know it will help others positively think about and realize their financial potential.  It is very easy to read and provides clear advice on what is a sometimes confusing topic. I recommend you check it out and see for yourself.”

“I am so impressed with “Money Letters 2 my Daughter” by Jackie Koski. She really has a heart for her daughter and others not to get “ripped off” by banks and other institutions and do make the correct financial choices in life. Jackie has given such sound advise that I, as a “50 something” year old can and will use. I look forward to purchasing more of this book to give out to those I love.” 

“I like the style of the book. The letters are short and easy for me to understand. I will start college next year and I know I don’t know as much about money as I should, so I started reading this book during my free reading time in English class. I’m so glad I chose this book. I have learned so much and I will keep it with me when I go off to college. ”

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