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4 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Your interview on the Choose FI podcast mentioned an article on 529 Plans from Son Wu Lee. Where can I find that article? Finding practical information on 529 plans is difficult as you know.

  2. Hey Jackie – just wanted to say hi and thanks for sharing your story on ChooseFI. Your episode was the first one I stumbled on a few weeks ago and helped me find my tribe! In fact, I had not listened to a podcast in years and years. The title of your episode drew me in started the last 6 weeks during which I have listened 140+ hours of choosefi episodes, made tons of life changes and am excited about being on the FI journey.

    So happy Friday and thanks again for being the catalyst for us. Never underestimate the number of lives changed by your authenticity.


  3. The site I mentioned is Seonwoo Lee’s Musings. I am not sure of his current web address, but he has a lot of great information on 529s, written in plan English.

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