Helpful Websites–Just Added

These are newly added websites since the book’s publication
DailyWorth is the leading multi-platform financial media company for women.  The site has a very  active community and great articles highlighting inspiring women and their finances.
Liz Weston is an award-winning, nationally-syndicated personal finance columnist who can make the most complex money topics understandable to the average reader. She has written multiple books and has appeared on many radio and television programs.  Her website covers a host of financial topics and has a great question and answer section. is a website and blog dedicated to helping people understand and overcome their debt.
Float Money is as an alternative to the traditional consumer loan system. They are a new type of company that is both a lender and a shopping club that makes loans without interest or fees because they get paid by the stores when you shop. Their mission is to improve the financial health of all of our members.  This is a much better option than using a payday or other high-interest loan.

Zillow closing cost calculator
Don’t be caught by surprise with high closing costs the next time you need to get a mortgage!  This calculator allows you to enter the location of the property and will give you estimates from there.  They also list available providers and cost of each for the most common closing cost line items like title insurance, settlement/escrow, inspections, etc. What a great way to shop and compare companies for these services instead of just taking the one your mortgage company recommends.