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Jackie Cummings Koski is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance (CEPF®) professional, dedicated to raising America’s Financial IQ. She is author of the book, “Money Letters 2 my Daughter”, which is the 2013 winner of the Excellence in Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Award for Adult’s Book of the Year, Money Management.

The book is a series of entertaining letters written to her teenage daughter about all things dealing with money and personal finance. Every letter ends with a witty signature that embodies the moods of a mom giving sincere, heartfelt advice.Cover--with award logo April 2013

To reach even more people with her important message, Koski developed a presentation titled; Raise Your Financial IQ, which touches on the most essential topics from her book. Today, she travels the country to share her personal finance expertise with diverse audiences including high school and college groups.

In 2015, Koski’s commitment to educating and empowering Americans in the area of personal finance caught the attention of our nation’s policymakers. She was officially recognized with a Congressional Commendation for her accomplishments and excellent work in the field of financial literacy from the U.S. House of Representatives.

Her efforts have been profiled on radio and television shows like WHIO Reports, Business for Breakfast, Home and Family Finance Radio, Talk Credit Radio, The Retirement and IRA Show WHIO Reports and Education Matters. She has also been featured in several newspaper, magazine and online publications, including Redbook, Ebony, The Shriver Report, Woman’s Day, Inclusion, BetterInvesting, Go Girl Finance and Daily Worth.

Koski currently resides in Ohio where she is a leader in spreading the message of financial literacy. She serves on the Ohio Board of Directors of the Council for Economic Education and is a Director with the Ohio Chapter of BetterInvesting, the nation’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to investment education. She also has served as President and Vice-President of the Chapter’s model investment club, which conducts regular meetings open to the public to attend and see firsthand how investment clubs operate.

Koski holds a BA Degree in Journalism from Augusta State University. She has one daughter (Amber) who was the catalyst and primary inspiration for pursuing her dream of creating a financially-literate society.

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