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Tax Tip: to find out how to file your taxes for free, go to

See how saving just $50 a week can make you a millionaire!

Looking for a new car loan or to refinance an existing loan?
The best deal on car loans I have found is at Pentagon Federal Credit Union (  Right now they have new car loans for 1.74% and used car loans for 2.49% (all model years)!  Think you are not eligible to join Pentagon Federal Credit Union…think again!

The only website to get your TRULY free credit report is  There is also a place to get your free credit score, read more

How do you stack up against other Americans and how they manage their money?  Take a look at these eye-opening statistics about America’s saving and spending habits, read more

Find out where you can get free prescription medications.  Many grocery store pharmacies now offer free prescription Antibiotics, including Amoxicillin (that pink liquid that every parent has had to get for their kids one time or another), read more


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