2016 MLK3I have a dream that one day we will live in a financially-literate society. So this website was created to do just that. Spend a little time with me on the site and you will learn more about the money topics important to you and realize how simple most of them really are.

Did you know that only 17 states require personal finance to graduate high school? I know, surprising...it should be all 50 states. Since most of us do not get our financial education in schools, I have raised my hand to make a difference. This site is dedicated to raising your financial IQ and encouraging you to share what you learn with others. This is what will help to one day create a financially-literate society.



FIRE- Financial Independence/Retire Early 

You may have heard about the FIRE Movement (Financial Independence/Retire Early). It's achievable for just about anyone...no matter where you started. I shared my Financial Independence story on the "House of FI" podcast. Take a listen:

House of FI--Financial Independence



Confused About Health Savings Accounts (HSA)?

Here's all the Answers...



Jackie Cummings Koski featured on WHIO Reports to talk Consumer Debt

consumer debt--whio reportsconsumer debt--whio tv



consumer debt--whio radio



Jackie Cummings Koski talks with reporter Jim Otte about consumer debt.  They tackle credit cards, student loans, and how to over come debt problems.

Click here to view program on WHIO TV

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Jackie Cummings Koski shares her expertise on Consumer Debt in featured Report

Personal Finance author, Jackie Cummings Koski, shares her financial expertise with her daughter Amber in her award-winning book, "Money Letters 2 my Daughter".   Photo by Chris Stewart, Dayton Daily News

consumer debt--dayton daily news

Consumer Debt continuing to rise in wake of Great Recession
Borrowing is inching up again as Americans reach again for the plastic.

“In our society you cannot live without a credit card or getting some type of credit,” said Jackie Cummings Koski of West Carrollton, who conducts personal money management workshops and authored a prize-winning book on financial literacy. “When you get a house, you’re going to need to get a loan. When you get a car, you’re probably going to need to get a loan. When you rent a car or get a hotel, you’re going to need a credit card.” Read full story in Dayton Daily News


Local Author shares Money Smarts with Dayton Moms Blog

Jackie Cummings Koski with Team of Dayton Moms Blog Contributors
Photo by: Beth Phillips Photography

momsblog logoDayton Moms Blog is thrilled to be launching in 2015 and promises a dynamic network of moms, passionate about the community and the moms who live in and around the great city of Dayton.  It's one of the newest affiliates of the City Moms Blog which now has more than 35 sister sites around the country, dedicated to connecting and empowering moms.  The Dayton Moms Blog is headed up by savvy business woman and mother of five, Miranda Hawk, along with a talented team of local moms excited to educate, inspire, and share parenting perspectives unique to the Dayton area.

Dayton's own financial literacy advocate and author of the awarding-winning book, "Money Letters 2 my Daughter", will be joining the group as a contributing writer and sharing her money smarts with Dayton moms.  In case you don't already know Jackie Cummings Koski, here's a little introduction...

Hello Dayton Moms! I'm a personal finance guru with a mission to raise America's "Financial IQ" and I'm starting right here in Dayton!

Jackie Cummings Koski, CEPF®
Photo by: Beth Phillips Photography

A few years ago I realized that if my teenage daughter was going to learn anything about how to manage her money, it would have to be from me. So I embarked on a journey to pass on all my financial wisdom to her in a book I wrote, titled “Money Letters 2 my Daughter”.

The book became quite a hit and even won a Financial Literacy award in 2013. Through writing the book, I found my passion and the gift that I was meant to share with the world. So here I am, ready to empower the fabulous moms of Dayton with making smart money moves. I'll be writing blog posts about the most important personal finance issues that we as moms face today like credit, debt, earning money, saving money, investing, side hustles, consumer protection, teaching our kids about money and a whole lot more!

I'm here to help you make sense of what has traditionally been an over-complicated, taboo topic. Some of my advice has been profiled in publications like Redbook, Woman's Day, Ebony, The Shriver Report, Go Girl Finance and Daily Worth...and now, "Dayton Moms Blog".

I've become somewhat of and "expert" on personal finance issues and studied hard to earn a designation I'm pretty proud of: Certified Educator in Personal Finance (CEPF®). If the posts on the Dayton Moms Blog is not enough, you can get more on my website at www.moneyletters2.com.



Ebony Magazine features author & financial literacy advocate, Jackie Cummings Koski 

Ebony cover March 2014Ebony March 2014 Koski

Jackie Cummings Koski , Financial Literacy Advocate and author of "Money Letters 2 my Daughter", is featured in the ACHIEVE section sharing her financial expertise on credit scores.



Redbook Magazine features advice from  author & financial literacy advocate, Jackie Cummings Koski
redbook cover

Look for smart savings tips for the holidays in the December edition of Redbook magazine...featuring advice from Jackie Cummings Koski, financial literacy advocate and author of "Money Letters 2 my Daughter".

Give to get back
"Right after Thanksgiving, I'd remind my daughter that Santa was coming soon  and that we needed to make room for new toys. We'd go through her things and  decide which could go: Those in perfect condition were taken to a consignment  shop, with the proceeds going to her gift fund; others still in good shape were  donated. That way, Mommy wins, she wins, and other children win." —Jackie  Cummings Koski, Dayton, OH; author of Money Letters 2 my Daughter".

Click here to read full article: Redbook article--featuring advice from Jackie Cummings Koski


Author Jackie Cummings Koski receives "Thank You" from President Obama!

Obama thankyou with env

It's no secret that Jackie Cummings Koski is a
passionate advocate of Financial Literacy and Education, especially for young people.  That includes the two young children of President and Michelle Obama, Malia (15) and Sasha (12).  So on June 26th  of this year, Jackie mailed two copies of her book, "Money Letters 2 my Daughter", toBARACK OBAMA the girls at The White House, along with a letter to the First Lady.  The White House likely receives millions of letters and gifts every year, and no guarantee of a robama thanyou with envelesponse.  But on September 27th (yes, over 3 months later), a very special Thank you from President and First Lady Michelle Obama arrived in the mail.  A Thank You card  from the White House...what a personal piece of history to keep for future generations--children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren!  Perhaps one day Malia and Sasha will actually read the book and learn some of the lessons that Jackie Cummings Koski has shared with so many other young people their age.


Two Personal Finance Experts both proud of their new book!

clark howard

Jackie Cover--with award logo April 2013Cummings Koski meets Clark Howard...

Two Personal Finance Experts,  both proud of their new book!



Award-winning author Jackie Cummings Koski with #1 New York Times Bestselling author and national talk show host Clark Howard, together in Dayton, Ohio.  August 15, 2013.











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